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Beaver State Chapter #108

Reasons to Join QCWA and Our Chapter:
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If you hold a current amateur radio license, and you were licensed, as a ham, at least 25 years ago, you are eligible to join QCWA. It is not necessary for you to have been continuously licensed for twenty-five years. You can join QCWA on January 1st of the year you're eligible.

Why Should I Join QCWA? *

  1. Receive a Quarterly QCWA Journal with news and articles of interest to QCWA Members.
  2. Qualify to receive lapel pins with year tags for every 5 years from 25 years up.
  3. Receive Certificates
  4. Membership Certificate at time of joining QCWA National Headquarters
  5. QCWA Gold Certificate - issued in 5-year increments from 50 years on up.
  6. Fifty year Continuous Licensing Certificate.
  7. QCWA Century Club Certificate - qualification is age + number of years as a QCWA member equals 100 or more.
  8. Meritorious Award Certificate - issued upon request by an active QCWA Chapter.
  9. Operating Awards - for number of QCWA members worked in the various states and QCWA Chapters.
  10. Eligible for 6 other major QCWA Awards as determined by the QCWA Board of Directors.QCWA Awards
  11. Member Supplies - such as emblems, stamps, caps, decals and QSL cards.
  12. Participation in QCWA QSO Parties.
  13. Eligible to recommend a student for a scholarship to continue their education in university or college. Scholarships
  14. Visit exciting museums together with fellow hams on our lunch trips.
  15. Share insites and experiences with fellow hams that also have a common background.
  16. Eat great food and have fun at our yearly BBQ.
  17. Join our once a week net and let everyone know what you are doing that week.
  18. Get help with that ham rig or help other's out when needed.
  19. Many, many other benefits.
    See additional benefits on the QCWA web site at

    * Thanks to Ken Oelke - VE6AFO President, QCWA Wild Rose Chapter 151, Canada for allowing us to copy this great list.