Quarter Century Wireless

Chapter #108 located in the Willamette Valley, Oregon, USA

For all radio amateurs who have had their licenses for more then 25 years.

Group Meeting April 17, 2010
Lunch was at the Farrell's Restaurant in Rickreal with a short meeting, then we went to the Polk County Museum and had a great tour.
The Polk County Museum is in Rickreal sharing the same parking lot as the Polk County Fairgrounds. The meeting included a tour by a guide that will be knowledgeable in the radio history of the area. The 14000 square feet of remarkable displays and artifacts at Polk County Historical Society museum has a unique composite of 21 historic maps and a deep collection of memorabilia on Adair Military Base, where Adair Village is now. The historic gun and rifle collection is amazing to see. We learned more about the Kalapuya tribe that occupied Polk County. We enjoy exhibits of agriculture, logging, and the 28 townsites and mostly enjoyed the company of area Hams. The meeting started at 12:00pm.

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Thanks to Ron and Gwen for these wonderful pictures