Quarter Century Wireless

Chapter #108 located in the Willamette Valley, Oregon, USA
For all radio amateurs who have had their licenses for more then 25 years.

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Our Picnic On July 17 was a great success
We had great side dishes and hot dogs and hamburgers. The hamburgers were sirlon 1/3 pound and the hot dogs were polish sausage and brots.
Thanks to Howard and Gwen for these great pictures.

Ron conducts the meeting. We chose the logo after 5 ballots. You ask two hams a questions and get 4 answers ... hi hi.
Chuck gives a description of the archives he retrieved going back 15 years or more. It was a thrill hearing about prior members.
Chuck and his new bride, Sally
From left to right: Del, Kay, Al, Marcie and Jim
The alpaca looks on admiring all the vegies This is where we had our picnic